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Web Design

A website never sleeps. Neither should your business! Your website is your face on the internet; it is your introduction to the world. That is why at Maltasite we dedicate ourselves to create a site that speaks volumes in an instant, plays well with major search engines, and broadcasts your brand on the web. Our web designs try to translate your message into the visual language of colour, content, and imagery essential to building sites that promote, enhance, captivate and engage.

Website design - Maltasite

The true beauty of each site we design is the amount of thought and strategy that goes into it from day one. Typically the most popular websites honour Best Web Standards that balance art with function. We abide by this formula because it works and brings our clients more business. Your site design should attract visitors, get high search rankings, and direct customers to the content that you want them to read.

Web Development

Maltasite develops websites using a mix of the latest web tools and established technologies.

The website shall be developed using latest development standards and best practices and always cater for search engine optimisation.

Website development - Maltasite

Experience is everything today. The market place is filled with technically gifted people who have little business experience to amateurs who are just learning how to build a web site. Work with Maltasite & enjoy communicating with executives who will personalise your needs by showing you how to use technology and the web to create smart IT solutions for your company.

Contact Maltasite today for an introduction and review of how we can help you.

Web Maintenance

The cost of maintaining an in-house team of Web developers and coders can be inhibitive. One alternative is to have a professional Web team whom you can call on when you need updates to your website. We provide our full range of services on an as-required basis, handling requests by either email or phone, and making sure they are handled within the time frame you specify. Maltasite has been providing these services to a wide range of companies for several years.

Website maintenance - Maltasite

Whether it’s a new press release that needs to be posted, a bio update, removal or addition of content, an HTML email prepared and/or sent out, a banner or other website graphic designed — whatever — we handle it quickly and accurately.

All update requests are carefully reviewed to ensure that they integrate well with any SEO efforts you may be conducting, are free of spelling or grammatical errors, and fit into the structure of your website. And we’re available during normal business hours for phone calls to discuss any issues or questions you might have regarding your website.

Are you Ready to get Started with your Project?

Here’s how:

1. Let us know what work you want done.
If you know what you want, fill-out a contact request form, or if you prefer to call or send an email, please do. We’ll probably want to speak to you to clarify the details of your project.

2. We’ll give you a quote.
After we’re clear on the particulars of your job we’ll get an estimate out, typically within 48 hours!

3. Time to get to work.
Once you’ve reviewed the estimate we’ll get started on your project!